Motor Control for Coding Equipment in Packaging Production Line

E-Motion designed and built the controlling system for coding equipment in winery packaging production lines.

Two motors drive the belt to move with the master encoder; the shaft speed reaches 3000r/min; and the speed ratio of the two axes is around 3. The bottle rotates 3+ laps while moving forward through a 30cm distance.

The controller program first initializes two axes, reads and writes data from DPRAM (a dual port memory card), then control the two axes to move under the electronic gear following mode.

We also encapsulated DLL (Dynamic Linking Library) and testing programs, and developed the software for controlling computer.

The computer software functions are:

  • Establish connection: EMAC200
  • Open DPRAM and NVRAM (nonvolatile memory)
  • Save data set by user with NVRAM to enable direct access after recover from power outage
  • Automatically displayed data stored in NARAM with every reboot and write into DPRAM
  • Motors run as the controller program reads the data
  • Control the motion with start and stop bottoms