In 1999, E-Motion designed the first electric injection molding machine control system and equipment for Elite. From the human-machine interface, motion control systems, temperature control system, to motors, sensors, and electronic control box, E-Motion designed, manufactured, and programmed the complete system. EMAC200 motion controller was built into injection molding machine. It produced a low cost and high efficiency control system which has good expendability, stability, and reliability.

A fully electrical injection molding machine involves a molding machine driving by servo motors via lead screws, gears, and belts. It has fully electrical actuators instead of hydraulic actuators, such as fluid cylinders, valves and a hydraulic motor.

The fully electrical injection molding machines are High Efficient. It controls mold closing, mold opening, cooling and ejection simultaneously. It moves so fast that it could significantly shorten the process time and production cycle. It reduces unproductive time in process and enhances productivity. In addition, the velocity of molding closing, mold opening and injection can be increased by utilizing servo motors; and the pressure of injection can be increased, too.

The difficulties of the injection molding machines are:

  • Rapid movement
  • High-speed I/O
  • Multi-zone temperature PID algorithm
  • Temperature measurement and signal amplification acquisition.