Stepper Motors

Stepping motors enable accurate positioning operation with ease. They are used in various types of equipment for accurate rotation angle and speed control using pulse signals.



Accurate Positioning in Fine Steps
A stepping motor rotates with a fixed step angle, just like the second hand of a clock. This angle is called “basic step angle.”

Easy Control with Pulse Signals
A system configuration for high accuracy positioning is shown below. The rotation angle and speed of the stepping motor can be controlled accurately using pulse signals from the controller.

Generating High Torque with a Compact Body
Stepper motors generate high torque with a compact body. These features give them excellent acceleration and response, which in turn makes these motors well-suited for torque-demanding applications where the motor must be started and stopped frequently.

Capable of Driving Large Inertial Loads
Stepper motors continue to generate holding torque even at standstill. This means that the motor can be held at a stopped position without using a mechanical brake.

The Motor Holds Itself at a Stopped Position
Stepper motors can drive larger inertial loads than servo motors of equivalent frame sizes.

Motor Types:





A basic model that is easy to use and designed with a balanced set of functions and characteristics.

Electromagnetic Brake Type

These motors incorporate a non-excitation type electromagnetic brake. When the power is accidentally cut off due to power outage or other unexpected event, the electromagnetic brake holds the load in position to prevent it from dropping or moving.





High-Torque Type

A high-torque motor has a higher torque of approximately 1.5 times compared with the conventional standard type motor. The use of a smaller motor allows for compact equipment design.


Geared Type

These motors incorporate a dedicated position-control gearhead with reduced backlash to make the most of the high controllability of the motors. The gearhead ensures highly accurate, smooth operation even in applications where a large torque is received.


Standard Type Industrial Connector

These motors conform to the IP65 rating for protection against dust and water ingress.