Torque Motors are a special class of brushless permanent magnet servomotors.  This type of motor is also commonly referred to as a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor or a Brushless DC Motor.  Motor’s technology has many advantages over other types, for example: 

  • Very small electrical time constant – High dynamic response
  • Large mechanical air gap (0.5 1.5mm) – Easy mounting and alignment
  • High efficiency due to the use of permanent magnets

Torque motors are available in a wide range of sizes, with diameters from smaller than 100mm to greater than 2m, can produce very high torque at stall, and they are capable of high dynamic stiffness.  They are primarily designed for low speed applications, generally below 1000 RPM.

Torque motors are a type of frameless motor that do not include a housing, bearings, or feedback device. They are the integral part of the machine structure;  are one element in a complete system. The complete axis requires a mechanical structure of high rigidity, bearings, and feedback device.  It is the overall integration of these elements that determines the system performance.  However, with a good overall design, the resulting performance can significantly exceed the performance achieved with a more conventional solution. 


  • Winding
  • Tension Control
  • Clamping
  • Indexing
  • Valve Actuators 


BI-1 Series BI-2 Series
Model No. Stator Height (L S) Stator Height (L R)
BI1-020-X-X-0-W 90 51
BI1-030-X-X-0-W 110 71
BI1-040-X-X-0-W 140 101
BI1-060-X-X-0-W 190 151
Model No. Stator Height (L S) Stator Height (L R)
BI3-100-X-X-0-W 110 85.5
BI3-150-X-X-0-W 135 110.5
BI3-200-X-X-0-W 160 135.5
BI3-330-X-X-0-W 210 185.5