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Adept: SCARA Robot (600 Series)

eCobra is the newest family of 4-axis SCARA robots from Adept.The Adept eCobra™ 600 SCARA robot (4-axis robot) features a 600-mm reach, and is available in three performance tiers – eCobra Lite, eCobra Standard, and eCobra Pro – each designed to address different application complexity and throughput requirements. With all controls fully embedded into the robot, eCobra robots offer a compact system footprint, saving valuable floor space while minimizing installation costs and complexity. Adept eCobra robots provide maximum value by ensuring users only pay for the level of performance their application needs. All eCobra 600 robots share a common hardware platform, with performance and price determined by a software license. This unique family ensures that users receive the highest quality, most durable robots at every performance level.

Product Features

  • All amplifiers and controls are fully embedded into the robot
  • Three performance levels (Lite, Standard, and Pro) based on a common hardware platform
  • Upgrade performance with a software license download
  • Advanced features such as direct PLC programming are included in Standard and Pro performance tiers
  • Adept ACE™ software manages robots, conveyors, feeders, and device I/O assignment through a single user-friendly, PC-based interface


  • Maximize valuable floor space and reduce installation costs (cables, control cabinets, labor, etc.)
  • Maximize value by only paying for the performance required for the application, without sacrificing hardware quality
  • Extend robot life with easy redeployment for any application with a simple software upgrade
  • Minimize training and deployment time using familiar ladder logic programming languages of existing PLC (IEC 61131-3)
  • Minimize system deployment and testing time; no lengthy, overly complicated programming. Includes a powerful 3D emulator that allows complete system configuration and testing in a virtual environment

Options: eCobra Lite, eCobra Pro, eCobra Standard


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