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DDL Motor-0331

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Cyclone Synchronous Linear Motor (CSLM) Technology

Being a leader in linear motor design and manufacturing, E-Motion provides industry with the widest range of linear motors. Linear motors eliminate mechanical transmission devices, such as lead screw nut institutions, gear rack agencies, belt-driven structures, etc. The adoption of direct drive technology greatly helps to optimize precision, speed, acceleration, stability and efficiency, while substantially prolonging product life. Cyclone linear motors adopt direct drive and are available in two different configurations – “U- type” and “Flat-type” versions, U-type Synchronous Linear motor (CSLU) and Flat-type Synchronous Linear motor (CSLF), which are used in thousands of successful applications worldwide.

DDL Motors: CSLF 8 Series

CSLF Series consist of a low profile, low-cost forcer and rare-earth magnet track. They are designed for unlimited travel stroke positioning applications with high thrust, high speed and acceleration, with optimal static and dynamic performance. The motors are designed to integrate easily with equipment, providing closed–loop servo with a high degree of positioning accuracy and repeatability.

CSLF 8 Series


  • Three Models
  • High thrust
  • High acceleration
  • Reduced cogging
  • Efficient liquid cooling
  • Built-in overheat protection
  • Modular design
  • Continuous Force (N): 8240
  • Peak Force (N): 20000
  • Motor Constant (N/√W): 133.1
  • Max Coil Temperature (⁰C): 120
  • Polar Distance (mm): 23.8
  • Moving Mass (kg): 66
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