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Cyclone DDR Motors

Relying on advanced motor technology and ripe crafts, Cyclone Motor has successfully undertaken a key project on Hi-End Numerical Control Machines and Fundamental Manufacturing Equipment in 2009. That is “Large Torque DDR Motor and the Driving Device”. Rich in theoretical research and comprehensive design ability, E-Motion has successfully designed and produced a series of DDR products with continuous torque from 2 Nm to 3300 Nm. Later on it issued enterprise standard for them, acting as the 1st enterprise in China issuing standards for DDR motors.

DDR Motors: BI Series

By adopting direct drive technology, DDR motors get rid of retarding mechanism and has the following advantages.

BI-1 Series


  • Four Models
  • High dynamic performance and high reliability.
  • Direct extension of the force – no mechanical transmission
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Simplified mechanical design
  • High dynamic response and high drive control
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Simple installation and removal
  • # of Pole Pairs: 22
  • Peak Torque (Nm): 353-1100
  • Continuous Torque (Nm): 184-632.7
  • Torque Constant (Nm/A): 13.56-42
  • Max. Speed (rpm): 93-356
  • Electrical Inductance [mH (p-p)]: 16-35
  • Rotor Weight (kg): 4-11.7
  • Stator Weight (kg): 14-31


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