High Speed and High Accuracy Scara Robot  

Traditional SCARA robots use brushless servo motors and RV reducers as transmission parts.

SNAKE series SCARA robots use the latest torque motor and voice coil motor direct drive technology. This will be a revolutionary leap for SCARA robots. Its greatest advantages: accuracy, speed, and rigidity can be greatly improved, and smaller size; use of integrated control and drive technology,so that fewer cables.

Snake Scara high-speed and high-precision robots are divided into single-arm Sanke Scara Robot, double-cantilever Snake Scara Robot, and three-cantilever Sanke Scara Robot according to the number of outer cantilevers.

Rated load: 2-5.5Kg,

working area: 150 mm x 219 mm

Joint range of motion

Joint 1: ±360°

Joint 2: 180mm

Joint 3: ±150°

Joint 4: ±360°


Joint speed

Joint 1: 2000°/s

Joint 2: 4000m/s

Joint 3: 3600°/s

Joint 4: 3600°/S