Zebra- theta robot is linear/rotary motion machine hand and fingers, tools designed for the process.

Zebra means different angles into linear motion of the coordinate system, θ means the theta angle and rotation movement, – means the fingers and hands grasping and tools.          

According to the practical application, the different components of the robot system are selected. If the linear unit can choose screw driven actuators can be linear belt, linear motor, voice coil or ceramic motor driven actuator; rotational motion can be directly driven by the motor, can also be a turntable to drive; fingers and hand should be according to the actual design tool is depending on the process requirements.          

Application of Zebra-  θ  robot:           

Medical diagnosis, chemical experiments, radioactive material analysis, testing, cosmetics production and testing, artistic design and processing, jewelry processing, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging and testing, construction and other fields.